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Community Feedback

Member Experience.

“Sit nunc tellus ac integer. Suscipit ante eros, et felis, a vel. Volutpat commodo integer eros lacus massa dui. Diam cursus natoque eget dignissim.”

Wally Jones, Designer

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Bella Ridley, KAM

“Tincidunt amet sem sed arcu at tincidunt luctus gravida. Fringilla mauris, quis accumsan eu eleifend sed adipiscing. Risus at leo ligula hendrerit tempus.”

James Godwin, CEO
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The Forum

Statistically, one of the most engaged and wisdom rich entrepreneur communities online.

The (online) heartbeat of the community. A space to celebrate wins, give praise, and tap into a diverse range of experience and expertise, each and every day.
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MMT Library

Over 80+ online seminars led by our brilliant members, including titles such as, “How to Build a Comprehensive Marketing Strategy,” “Leading your Teams into the Future of Work,” and “Behind the Scenes of a Nine Figure Exit.”

Because the wisdom of our community is boundless, new  sessions are added monthly.
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MMT at Home's

Every other month, we gather the community for a day of remote learning and connection. Sessions include everything from how to successfully launch your next book, to acquisitions as the secret accelerator to unlocking growth, to evening socials like pasta-making workshops!
Average rating. 9.4/10
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MMT Connect's

Casual monthly catch-ups designed to keep you abreast of what is going on in the community (including community wins, new ventures, and updates on MMT initiatives), plus an opportunity to connect with new additions to the community.
Average rating. 9.2/10
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Every other month, members are strategically partnered in more intimate groups of three to connect over compelling conversation starters. A chance to deepen existing relationships and learn about members you might not have met otherwise.  
Average rating. 9.3/10

You can do it alone

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