Kelsey Ramsden, CEO of Mind Cure Health

Member since 2017
Psychedelic Healthcare
Toronto, ON

“MMT feels like Super Mario. I know the road a little bit, and every once in a while, someone hollers, ‘Hey, that’s one of the bricks with a coin in it!’” 

Kelsey Ramsden was supposed to be retired when she found a secret level. “I have my dream job,” she said about her role as CEO of Mind Cure Health, “MMT was an integral part of that.”

A serial entrepreneur, Kelsey launched several successful companies before heading up Belvedere Place Development, a civil construction firm based in Kelowna, BC. When she was named Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur by Profit Magazine—twice—she took her name out of the running. She was then recognized by Ernst & Young as one of its Entrepreneurial Winning Women in 2013 and ranked by Dell Women’s Entrepreneur Network as one of the top 200 women entrepreneurs globally in 2014. Asked about her biggest accomplishment, she mentioned loyalty—low turnover among teams at every business she’s ever started. She didn’t list the accolades.  

In 2017, Kelsey was in early retirement when she attended MMT Carmel. After a few years with the community, she realized she wasn’t the retiring kind: “I felt this calling.”  

If it was a sign, it wasn’t subtle. Another MMT member, Curtis Christopherson, was asking around about psychedelics; someone in his network was starting a company and seeking a cofounder. Kelsey was already passionate about the space, having used psychedelic-assisted therapy as a cancer patient. 

Kelsey joined Mind Cure Health as COO in 2020 and soon moved into the role of CEO, just after the mental health and wellness company went public in early 2021. 

“If you lined up all of the jobs in the industry, this is the one for me,” she said.

Kelsey Ramsden (third row, far right) at MMT Park City in 2018. 

This is Kelsey’s journey:

2011: Kelsey is diagnosed with a rare form of cervical cancer, one with a low survival rate. Her treatment includes psychedelic-assisted therapy

2017: Kelsey retires with plans to start a side business

2017: At MMT Carmel, Kelsey meets Curtis Christopherson. The two hit it off and stay in touch 

2018: Kelsey launches her first book, Success Hangover, with help from MMT member Tucker Max at Scribe Media 

2019: Kelsey realizes her post-retirement side business is ill-timed after consulting with MMT member Chris Eben. “We saved millions,” she says. 

2020: Mind Cure Health launches and Kelsey is named its first COO

2021: Kelsey takes the helm as CEO of Mind Cure, landing her “dream job” 

Despite evidence to the contrary, Kelsey didn’t join MMT to find her next business idea. “I didn’t need to meet so-and-so, linger in the corner until he’s free and attack him with a proposition.” 

Kelsey joined in search of community “without ego” and stayed because long-term trust is worth more than the return on a transactional union. Over years, the community has had her back in good times, she said, “giving me a bit of a head start on everything,” including her first book. And in bad times, including one business idea that was ill-timed and overly ambitious. Kelsey opted out of that venture after focus grouping with members and realizing it wasn’t viable. “We saved millions,” she said of the decision to back out. A few trusted confidants, including Chris Eben, didn’t just assess her idea, they had her best interests in mind. 

“People are looking out for you, even when you don’t know what you need,” Kelsey said.

“Someone is always predicting your next gold coin.”


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