Our commitment
to support a core group of entrepreneurs will never change.

Our form
will constantly evolve to best serve the community.

The three C's...

There are three components that make MMT unique in contrast to any other community or organization in the marketplace—don’t mistake simplicity for insignificance.

It would make for a good story if we said we’d diligently thought through the critical pillars of a healthy community, however in truth we blindly stumbled into all three. These guide posts have been deeply shaped by some of the meaningful moments since our inception in 2012.

MMT is built on a foundation of shared values. We curate based on who members are and what they stand for—people who value legacy over currency and who are never scared to sacrifice where they are for where they want to be. 
We create a confidential space to share opportunities and obstacles without judgement or solicitation. Shared values ensure a safe container for risk-taking and radical acceptance. MMT is where ambitious, generous, caring people grow together. The community co-creates a container of support, inspiration and deep belonging for like-minded entrepreneurs—no one has to struggle or celebrate alone.
MMT is a gym, not a spa. It’s a commitment to show up and play full out in the arenas that matter most to us. You get what you give—your effort compounds your investment. We value your participation, your contribution and how you show up in community.

Here’s to building better community.

We’re fiercely passionate and committed to supporting this hand selected and curated collection of entrepreneurs through thoughtfully designed live and digital experiences. Our programming brings the MMT community together for collective learning, best practice sharing and deeper connections, while creating a space to pause and focus on what matters most.
We put a lot of intention into the design of anything (big or small) and we do this to ensure each of our product offerings are meaningful and purposeful (and meet your actual needs).
As such, we’d love to share a bit more about the 'what' and 'why,' in the hopes it will allow you to connect more deeply with the purpose and impact of being part of MMT.
We believe the value received from any experience is in direct proportion to the amount of effort put in (both from our side with the design and on your side as a participant/contributor).

MMT Membership

at a glance:

Additional Opportunities

Your MMT membership includes these optional add-ons.
Global Gatherings
In early 2022, we'll be back doing what we do best—live events designed to help you deepen existing relationships and create new ones.
Intimate peer-to-peer groups designed to help you navigate opportunities, overcome obstacles and keep you focused on what matters most.
Dinners and Live Experiences
From Mastermind Dinners, to MMT family vacations, to behind-the-scenes tours of brands like Cirque du Soleil, Apple and Aria Casino. In-person experiences will forever be part of MMT. We can't wait to be together again.

Great entrepreneurs
aren't self-made.
They’re community made.

we’re building better community.
Will you join us?

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