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“Jumbo Jet Needed.”

Mike Feldstein might have posted the biggest Ask ever to hit MMT Forum (see what we did there?). It was May of 2020, just over two months after the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, and Mike had a supply problem. His Jaspr air purifiers were selling out, but a shipment destined for Toronto was stuck in Shenzhen, China. Respiratory droplets were suddenly feared by all, especially health care providers who work in people’s mouths all day with water picks. He made this post a few days after the Ontario Dental Association made air purifiers mandatory in dental offices. Jaspr sold faster than it could ship. 

Mike was looking at a timeline of two weeks and a price tag of $300,000 to move 1,000 units to customers who needed to meet industry safety mandates with his product. In no time, responses about cargo planes and volume measurements poured in. Several MMTers had contacts in shipping. 

When Mike Feldstein had a jumbo Ask, MMT came through. 
Turns out, MMTers are very connected in the transportation and logistics space.

One month after his ASK post, Mike followed up; he’d investigated half a dozen possible leads in cargo transport generated by MMT. 

Mike thanked the whole Community and called out Daryl Hicks who helped cut transport costs by more than half and dramatically sped up timelines—from two weeks to two days. One thousand Jaspr units made it safely to Canada, with time and money to spare.

Darryl replied, “Any problem can be solved with the right network. So happy I had someone in my back pocket to help with this one.”

After helping with logistics on the back end, MMTers became customers, then part of Jaspr’s unofficial influencer marketing campaign. 

MMTers joked about who got to be Jaspr’s “customer 001”

Meghan Telpner posted an adorable take on the unboxing video trend. “I’ve long been obsessed with the air quality in my 100-year-old downtown Toronto home,” she wrote, “Jaspr is in a league of its own.” She thanked Mike for bringing Jaspr into her son’s school, and her young son made a surprise video appearance. (Meghan also gave Mike more official press, interviewing him about the importance of air quality on an episode of her podcast, On My Mind). 

Meghan Telpner’s unboxing photo for Jaspr.

“Mike Feldstein is one of my favorite humans period,” wrote Michael Bourbannais, whose chiropractic care and rehab clinics were affected by West Coast wildfires in the fall of 2020. Mike expediated a shipment of Jaspr to his Seattle and Portland locations. 

Mike even made personal deliveries for those who lived closer to his Toronto home.     

Mike Feldstein was so grateful for the Community’s support, he made personal deliveries to MMTers, including Dan Martell.

Before joining MMT in 2017, Mike was in a different business, natural disaster recovery. To help clean-up efforts after wildfires or floods, he created companies overnight, leveraging online marketing and B2B connections to sub-contract whatever work was needed. Mike came to the Community at a time of transition, a tough time to join without knowing exactly what’s coming next. 

Mike found early adopters for his product and a fix for his supply chain delay. 

In a comment, Tracey Ivanshyn called Mike’s story, “a quantitative example of the power of the MMT fam.” 


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