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MMT by the numbers.

Since our inception in 2013...
Over 2,500 entrepreneurs apply annually.
0.4% acceptance rate 
(Lower than Harvard University)
100% Driven by word of mouth
($0 spent on traditional advertising)
82% renewal rate every year.

We ❤️ our MMTers.

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Wally Jones, Designer

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Bella Ridley, KAM

“Tincidunt amet sem sed arcu at tincidunt luctus gravida. Fringilla mauris, quis accumsan eu eleifend sed adipiscing. Risus at leo ligula hendrerit tempus.”

James Godwin, CEO

What's the secret?

It’s hard for many to grasp that garnering such loyalty and word of mouth comes down to one thing, and one thing only… Serving a very select group of entrepreneurs deeply.

It's that simple, and it's that hard.

Although everyone is fascinating on some level…

We have an entrepreneur who is a three-time #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author
We have an entrepreneur who scaled from $0 to $200 million dollars in 18 months.
We have an entrepreneur who's has travelled to 117 countries.
We have an entrepreneur who's podcast garners over 6 million downloads a month.

They are not in MMT because of where they are and what they’ve achieved. They are in MMT because of who they are, what they stand for, and how they show up both in the world (and in our community). As partners, as parents, as friends, as leaders and as entrepreneurs.

We are far more proud of our entrepreneurs who have been awarded the Order of Canada or who's workplace culture have been rated #1 in the country, then the size of their revenues or headcount.

Are you a fit?

It's an art...
Unlike other organizations where curation is binary and based on specific demographics (industry, business size, etc…), curation at MMT is deeper than that.

Although our curation process is more of an art than a science, the breakdown below will give you a better understand as to the type of entrepreneur that we cater to in the MMT community.




Views Relationships as...
Mobile and lightly attached
Lives a life that is...
Deeply rooted and committed
Measures against...
Growth of their bank account
Success is...
Growth of their freedom.
Short Term
Makes decisions...
Long Term
The "Hustle"
Subscribes to..
Believes in...
Focuses on...
On their Business
On themselves
Identifies as...
Community Made

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