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Since our humble beginnings in 2013...

Over 2,500 entrepreneurs apply annually.
0.4% acceptance rate 
(Lower than Harvard University)
100% Driven by word of mouth
($0 spent on traditional advertising)
82% renewal rate every year.

We ❤️ our MMTers.

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Both you and this group have inspired me more than you know. I'm a better Dad, Husband, and business leader because of MMT. 

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Jesse -

Thank you from the very depths of my heart and soul for all that you've given me this year. I'm eternally grateful to be part of this community.

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James Godwin, CEO
Avg. 9.83/10 Member Rating

How do you garner such a fiercely loyal community thats growth is driven purely by word of mouth?

By serving a very select group of entrepreneurs deeply.

Although everyone is fascinating on some level…

We have an entrepreneur who is a three-time #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author
We have an entrepreneur who scaled from $0 to $200 million dollars in 18 months.
We have an entrepreneur who has travelled to 117 countries.
We have an entrepreneur who's podcast garners over 6 million downloads a month.

They are not in MMT because of where they are and what they’ve achieved. They are in MMT because of who they are, what they stand for, and how they show up both in the world (and in our community). As partners, as parents, as friends, as leaders and as entrepreneurs.

We are far more proud of our entrepreneurs who have been awarded the Order of Canada or who's workplace culture have been rated #1 in the country, then the size of their revenues or headcount.

Are you a fit ?
Unlike other organizations where curation is binary and based on specific demographics (industry, business size, etc…), curation at MMT is deeper than that.

Although our curation process is more of an art than a science, the breakdown below will give you a better understand as to the type of entrepreneur that we cater to in the MMT community.

Do you...

View Relationships as
Mobile and lightly attached
Live a life that is
Deeply Rooted and Committed
Measure against
Growing Your bank account
Success means
Growing your Freedom.
Short Term
Make decisions
Long Term
The "Hustle"
Subscribe to
Believe in
Focus on
In Your Business
On Your Business and Yourself
Identify as
Community Made
There are great Communities that may better suit your needs...
Sounds like you may be a fit for MMT!

MMT is a Guide for Your Second Mountain Journey

In his role as head curator, co-founder Jayson Gaignard has had the unique opportunity to connect with thousands of entrepreneurs one-on-one. He noticed a pattern, similar to one made famous by David Brooks in his book, The Second Mountain. Brooks identified a crisis of meaning that might creep up at any age.

At MMT, members often come to us in this state of self-discovery, examining the goals that brought them to entrepreneurship in the first place. 

The journey might go something like this: On the way to the top, or at the peak of presumed success, entrepreneurs discover that it’s lonely up there and the view is overrated. 

Business leaders often feel isolated, not just from others but from their own values. 

The first mountain is financial, linked to business growth, status and appearances.

Social pressures put emphasis on wealth and reputation more than meaningful contribution. Even for those privileged enough to achieve financial independence, the goal posts keep moving. 

Common traps at this stage

My company sold! My next one will be bigger
I wrote a book! I need to make it a bestseller
I’ve achieved my goals; I’m still unfulfilled. I’ll set more ambitious goals
Many entrepreneurs put their lives on hold to chase moving targets, often without questioning their own motives outside of external pressures. Some are happy to hustle hard and continue to make sacrifices, always in pursuit of more. Others feel a sense of unease.
We serve entrepreneurs who chose courage over comfort. Who courageously question the path they're on.

The valley is filled with sluggish souls.

It’s not an easy choice to climb down the first peak. You might feel depleted or experience a crisis of meaning. -- For virtually all your life you've strived to become something, and now, your unbecoming everything you're not. --

It’s common for entrepreneurs to imagine that there will never be enough. But wealth doesn’t mean much without contribution or a sense of purpose. It’s no surprise that superficial standards leave us lacking, or worse. 

A staggering 72 percent of entrepreneurs are affected by mental health issues, directly or indirectly, compared to 49 percent of non-entrepreneurs. Relationships, physical health and family ties are common casualties. Our members know their personal lives need growth strategies as much as their businesses do. We strive to help them be better at both.

Common questions at this stage:

Can I live the rest of my days in limbo, a place where I'm not really happy, but I’m not unhappy enough to do anything about it? 
Can I sacrifice who I am for who I want to become?
Am I fine with good enough?
The answers change our lives, goals, and the kind of company we choose to keep. They trigger a search for new mentors and new markers of success. If you make it this far, don’t settle. 

The second mountain is greater in size and significance. Milestone achievements are redefined, with more space carved out for meaningful relationships, positive social impact and playful curiosity. There’s a shift when you realize entrepreneurs aren’t self-made; we are community made. It’s not easy to overcome, but you don’t have to do it alone. 

At MMT, we are committed to helping you shift from success to significance. To become better business leaders, better partners, better parents, and better friends. We serve entrepreneurs who know that good is the enemy of great in all aspects of life. 

There are loads of great books, conferences and events to help navigate rapid growth and reach the top of the first mountain.

If you’re a first-time founder in an early stage, we’re (genuinely!) happy to help you find another group. 
At MMT, we talk about what comes next. We serve entrepreneurs seeking clarity to determine what the second peak means for them. Together, we’ll draw a roadmap.

Where members land on this journey is a better indicator for how MMT will serve them than traditional demographics. Screening exclusively for business size, industry or employee headcount doesn’t necessarily build strong connections. Many groups use these metrics. Not us.
We’re not concerned with the questions: How big is your company, or, How much money do you make? We prefer to ask: Would we want to have dinner with you? We’d rather you be fascinating than famous. 

Revenue isn’t the best benchmark for curating community. 

Other groups feature celebrity speakers and host exclusive events in exotic locations. We do, too. And we consider values alongside business goals. This is reflected in our programming.
We’ve offered tactical sessions, like “How to Build a Comprehensive Marketing Plan,” “Leading Teams into the Future of Work” and “Never Lose an Employee Again.” As well as personal sessions, like “How to Build your Family Brand” and “How to Have More Meaningful Relationships with your Kids.” And everything in between, including “The Transformational Effects of Psychedelics.” We help our members build personal and professional legacies with more intimate experiences, including live and virtual gatherings that foster real community.  

We offer troubleshooting for your business challenges, including 24/7 access to our Forum, an opportunity to crowdsource wisdom from a diverse community of industry leaders. We also care about you, the visionary, the leader behind the company.

This is more than just a business network.
This is your community.

At MMT, we believe...

Business moves at the speed of relationships
Condense a lifetime of networking into one trusted community.

Members share decades of combined experience across various industries in a safe container of confidentiality and non-solicitation. No matter your goals, personal or professional, someone has something to share—contacts, resources, play books and proprietary best practices. Because our culture breaks with outdated traditions like knowledge hoarding and competition, everyone is willing to help.
Access is the ultimate asset
Time away from your business, teams, and families is a huge investment. Why spend it listening to a talk you can find on YouTube?

Conferences are everywhere. Packed agendas, celebrity speakers and people you’ll never see again. At MMT, we champion each other’s goals every day. Get ongoing support from a variety of perspectives to help shape best practices, combat decision fatigue or respond to emergencies. Get unfiltered feedback from peers who know your business and care about you. Get help when you need it, how you need it—post an Ask to the Forum before picking up your kids, or access our various resources on demand while cooking dinner. 
You are more than your business
Entrepreneurs wear masks to lead our teams and save face. At MMT, we take them off.

The pressure to be a beacon of certainty for our teams, communities and families can be isolating. We promise, you’re not alone. We create the space for you to share opportunities and obstacles without judgement. MMT is where ambitious, generous, caring people grow together. 

Sound like you?


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